The Skincare Benefits of Combining Marine Collagen and Electrolytes

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Boosting your skin’s vitality and preventing premature aging is a lifelong commitment to caring for your complexion, but in this day and age it is definitely not an impossible feat. As with any great recipe, it requires a list of ingredients and that is exactly what Active Beauty offer in the form of a rejuvenating elixir. The active skin food ingredients include; Type 1 collagen peptides (of course), a full spectrum of electrolytes, Vitamin C, Ionic minerals and the powerful antioxidant ‘astaxanthin’. This matrix is the most efficient formula to boosting generation of new skin tissue.

In a future post we are going to be further exploring another of the miracle working ingredients in the Active Beauty formula ‘astaxanthin’. But for now, we are going to use this article to educate on the benefits of marine collagen and electrolytes, particular how they marry together to form an unbeatable combination.

The Benefits of Marine Collagen

Marine collagen is specifically chosen as an ingredient because it obtains special benefits that are difficult to find in other collagens. These include;

Easy absorption

Due to the low molecular weight of marine collagen, it is the easiest form of the substance to absorb into the system. This easy absorption process if vital because it ensures that the collagen makes its way to the bloodstream where it can begin repairing the skin. This easy absorption formula make it the most efficient method of using collagen for skin health.

Preventative aging supplement

Marine collagen has the ability to slow down the aging process and even reverse some of the signs of skin breakdown! By supplementing collagen into your diet, you provide your body with the necessary building blocks to create healthy new skin.

Effective composition

The structure of marine collagen is a formidable formula made from Type 1 collagen. This type of collagen makes up an astounding 85-90% of the collagen commonly found throughout the body in elements such as tendons, teeth, bone and skin.

The Importance of Electrolytes

Electrolytes work within the body to replenish and hydrate from the inside out so they play a very important role within our physiology, primarily around ensuring efficient levels of fluids. Being sufficiently hydrated is important for many different reasons but particularly when it comes to pH levels, muscle function, the nervous system amongst other benefits. There are electrolytes found commonly throughout the body and these include; magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium and phosphate.  

The Perfect Active + Beauty Combination

Adding electrolytes to the mix means that your marine collagen will be more easily absorbed by the body. It also indicates that the results of the collagen will be increased due to their efficiency as the body is properly hydrated. Having electrolytes included in the elixir with marine collagen supplement is a much more efficient means of repairing your skins health. They will work hand in hand to ensure that you begin to experience; a more youthful complexion, improved skin elasticity and slow or reversed signs of aging.

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