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Rejuvenate & strengthen skin by restoring collagen & hyaluronic acid to the cells with one drink.

  • 9-in-1 Essential Nutrients and Minerals
  • Scientist-Formulated
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Starting my day with this collagen-electrolyte blend has become my morning ritual. It's like a refreshing wake-up call for my body!

Your Path to Youthful Skin

B.Skin Tight restores collagen and hyaluronic acid stimulating smooth, radiant skin & reducing wrinkles with the added benefits of improved elasticity, hydration, and muscle support. This electrolyte and collagen blend contains 9-in-1 essential nutrients and minerals from powerful antioxidents like Astaxanthin to Vitamin C for increased collagen production in your skin.


Radiant Skin is Within Reach

Formulated with bioavailable marine collagen, micro-algae sourced antioxidants, vitamin C, and 4 ionic minerals and electrolytes for total wellness.

Reduces premature skin aging
Improves skin strength & elasticity
Promotes collagen production
Increases skin hydration

24h Hydration

Delivers 24-hour deep hydration for lasting skin suppleness.

100% Natrual

Comprised of 100% natural ingredients.

92% Smoother

92% of users noticed smoother skin in 2 weeks.

50% Reduction

Reduces fine lines by 50% in just 4 weeks.

Elevate Your Supplement Routine


Powertul antioxidant from the richest marine source; Haematococcus Pluvialis Micro Algae.

4 Ionic Minerals & Electrolytes

Hydrate skin and regulate sweat with essential fluids, including fatigue-fighting Magnesium.

Essential Amino Acids & Protein

Essential to build and repair muscle, bone, skin, hair hormones and enzymes.

Superior Marine Collagen

Clinically proven to enhance skin radiance, wrinkle reduction and hydration


What customers say about us

Discover the impact Real Active Beauty has on our beloved customers. Through their stories, explore how our brand has enhanced their beauty routines, boosting both confidence and radiance.

"I've been using Active Beauty's revolutionary product for 'firmer' and 'fitter' skin!"

Erika Wheaton

Fitness Influencer,

"B.Skin Tight is only 20 calories, super tasty, and I highly recommend it!"

Isabelle Delcea

Digital creator,

"Active Beauty helps me with my goals to have healthier habits and take better care of myself!"

Nikki Murciano

Fashion Model,