The Future Of Glowing Skin

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Explore global facial skincare. The “all-in-one” nature of active beauty’s firmer & ‘fitter’ skin tightening packs many benefits into a single skincare step, aligning with consumers’ growing interest in ‘skinimalism’. A far superior nutrient-infused collagen with actives; micro algae, silica from bamboo help plump the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A blend of amino acids and antioxidants helps strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier and protects against free radical damage. Dual active for skin & body, hydrating minerals & electrolytes that support your skin & muscles on the go.Active Beauty’s new wave of better for us products ; organic and sustainably sourced set the bar to not only simplify wellness but elevate beauty.

Better For Us

According to Mintel research on facial skincare, consumers are abandoning complex multi-step routines in favour of more simplistic approaches to make their routines simpler and less wasteful. Nearly half of skincare users are interested in using multipurpose facial skincare products and nearly two in five believe that multi-step routines are wasteful.

Better For You

At active beauty, we anticipated skin minimalism would come into play formulating science backed nutrients that would set the stage for not only a simpler routine but also one that gives efficacy. Clean, it’s simple - no fillers, no preservatives, no sugars, no surprises. We want women to see the difference, with one simple step, we anticipate shining in a new era where “Better For You,” also Looks Better On You.

Elevate Your Beauty

Infused Collagen is the new age beauty inspired by Clean, Simple & made for active women on the go aspiring to look & feel their best. It’s sounds quite simple, but today companies have always benefited from having several products to entice consumers to do more than the science requires. Active beauty wanted to make a real difference and combine science with the most nutrient dense antioxidants, proteins, minerals and skin glowing essentials so that consumers could be effective with gaining youthfulness without having to expand their busy routines. Women today are business women, active, adventurous, parents, leaders & still working hard to maintain their beauty. The future dictates that women want science to lead their skin foundation, with a no fuss routine that gives glowing results.

More about active beauty's firmer & "fitter" skin routine:

b. Skintight by Active Beauty®A cutting edge, nutrient-infused collagen with an advanced blend of beautifying minerals, antioxidants and proteins that accelerate the function and production of collagen to maximize its benefits - on to you.Author: Stephanie BastowFounder of active beauty®Anti-Aging & Natural Medicine

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