Our Guide to the Benefits of Marine Collagen + The Best Product in the Market

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We all know the importance of having a good skincare routine! Putting your best face forward means meticulously reviewing and selecting each element within your regime in a way that works for you. A good skincare routine can take years to perfect, dropping and adding products, but we believe it is critical to good skin. While your skin might change over the years, as well what it wants and requires, but we are sure that one staple product that should always be a part of how you care for your skin is definitely our Marine Collagen!

In this post, we are going to be discussing the plethora of benefits that come with incorporating marine collagen into your skincare routine! We are also going to be spilling our industry secrets and taking a look at what we believe is the best marine collagen available on the market. Are you ready for glowing skin? Let’s jump into the tips…

1. Inflammation

Marine Collagen is extremely beneficial as an anti-inflammatory which is particularly useful when talking in terms of skin! We often only avert our attention to caring for our skin when we see a massive breakout or notice our face is a bit swollen and requires some care. Because marine collagen is rich in glycine, it is able to assist in reversing the effects of any anti-fibrotic compounds present within the skin.

2. Amino Acids

You may have heard the term before that amino acids are the building blocks for good skincare. That is because they are vital in healthy skin cell functioning. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that collagen is able to work with amino acids to distribute the necessary essential properties deep into the skin.

3. Diminishes the appearances of wrinkles

That’s right! Fine lines and wrinkles are no match for our friend marine collagen. The plumping effect that collagen has on your skin means that it can smooth out fine lines and provides further elasticity to the face, as opposed to sagging.

4. Battles acne

While science has not yet proved this one, personal experiences have shown that marine collagen can help battle acne! It seems obvious considering all of the anti-inflammation properties of marine collagen. Acne tends to be quite swollen, inflamed and congested. So acne is no match when working with the amino acids to build stronger skin along with the plumping effect the marine collagen provides and of course the anti-inflammatory properties.

5. Boost muscle mass

We have so many muscles in the face, it would surprise you! A total of 43 muscles are controlled by your facial nerve. That means that this benefit of marine collagen is totally applicable to skincare also! Collagen is an essential nutrient for muscle mass. As such, taking a supplement to support this process can result in strong muscles and plumper skin.

Here at we are all about providing you with a quality product that gives real tangible results. That is why we have formulated our unique products with ingredients that have the potential to contribute to higher levels of collagen production. We designed out marine collagen with you in mind, catering to your busy and active lifestyle! We believe in recovering faster and building beautiful, radiant skin from the inside out. We know that the quest for health and beauty is an ongoing one and sometimes difficult to navigate. So, we take all the guesswork out by having our product be all natural and holding the ability to transform your body – inside and out.

A good marine collagen calls for a healthy balance and synergy between each of the ingredients intentionally chosen. Each of the natural ingredients works together to foster your skin's strength and endurance. Our beauty marine collagen improves circulation while promoting healthy and luminous skin.

How can we manage this you ask? The key is electrolytes that take your skin to the gym, providing faster workout recovery and ensuring ideal hydration for your skin and muscles. Astaxanthin is all about our favorite little workers ‘anti-oxidants’ and this one is THOUSANDS of times more effective than your regular old Vitamin C. Our product is clinically proven to enhance the ability of Marine Collagen to regenerate skin and also create new tissue. Then Silica, of course, is essential to ensure ideal levels of collagen production.

We find that our beauty collagen is most effective at producing greater visual and physical improvements than other alternatives! We hope that our product inspires health and happiness within your skincare routine and your life! Drink Up & transform you into your best self; ageless, active & beautiful with the help of Active Beauty

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