How Collagen Peptides and Astaxanthin taken together can Improve Skin Elasticity and prevent Cellulite

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Individually they each contain incredible rejuvenating properties and when combined they make for an undeniably strong skincare pairing.ASTAXANTHIN AND COLLAGEN - POWERFUL SKIN TIGHTENING FOR FACE AND BODY

  1. Collagen peptides are known to enhance skin firmness, as it provides readily available peptides that the skin cells require in the production of collagen.
  2. Secondly,  micro algae sourced Astaxaanthin "the super antioxidant" prevents collagen and elastin breakdown and boosts their capability to assist in collagen synthesis.
  3. Read the study:

Therefore, it is no surprise that research reveals that a new supplement combining hydrolysed collagen peptides and astaxanthin (a carotenoid contained in prawns and salmon and the pigment that gives flamingos their pink colour) can help with skin firmness and age prevention. Extensive studies have revealed that the combination of the two nutrients improve skin elasticity, hydration and prevent sun damage, after 12 weeks of use.HOW ASTAXANTHIN + COLLAGEN WORK FOR SKIN FIRMINGIn the skin dermis, studies found that:

  1. supplementing with collagen type 1 from marine collagen increased collagen within the cells.
  2. enzymes that break down collagen (the metalloproteinases) were reduced with supplementation

The uncovering: the combination of astaxanthin and collagen show promising  for cellulite prevention and skin firming.Skincare creams rich in the same nutrients (collagen-boosting peptides and polyphenols/carotenoids) can be helpful but as an addition to consuming a complete nutrient spectrum as they are not as capable at reaching the deeper layers of the skin dermis.HOW TO REDUCE CELLULITE AND TIGHTEN UP YOUR SKIN

  1. Lose the sugar!!
  2. Start uphill interval running, by far the best exercise for cellulite
  3. Start vegetable juicing / berry fruit smoothies to get the ultimate skin benefits and  anti-cellulite nutrients.
  4. Add some turmeric to your protein, collagen peptide, astaxanthin shake for increased skin elasticity, smoothness and cellulite prevention
  5. Start squats to tighten your skin up. Have an overall healthy nutrition is important for cellulite prevention/reduction, regardless of exercise
  6. Eliminate hydrogenated and fried fats and oils from your life
  7. Reduce alcohol intake
  8. Choose healthy portions and don’t overeat on a single meal - excess calories is a major cause of cellulite
  9. Have lots of water with added electrolytes for ultimate hydration & smoother skin
  10. Choose wholesome anti-cellulite meals, such as wild fish, greens, wild rice, decaf sencha tea and black rice.
  11. Have a strong, cellulite-specific massage
  12. Introduce daily hot cold alternating showers for your legs, the easiest and best circulation and metabolism booster
  13. Quit smoking
  14. Introduce more everyday physical activity.   Sweating detoxifies our skin and gives us a healthy glow in addition to boosting youthful hormones.
  15. Train (at high intensity, if possible), exercise is a key cellulite-removal factor.

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