Astaxanthin with Marine Collagen - The Skincare Super Weapons

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When it comes to the anti-aging, we are often shocked by how many active ingredients come from nature. Here at Active Beauty, we stand by the divine power of the skincare super weapons we source naturally for our beauty supplements.

In this article we wish to highlight two of the active ingredients found within our formula; explaining what they are, their benefits and how they work together for astonishing anti-aging results. These 2 skincare super weapons are; Astaxanthin and marine collagen.

Individually they each contain incredible rejuvenating properties and when combined they make for an undeniably strong skincare pairing. We believe in recovering faster and building beautiful, radiant skin from the inside out. We know that the quest for health and beauty is an ongoing one and sometimes difficult to navigate. So, we take all the guess work out by having our product be all natural and holding the ability to transform your body – inside and out.

So, what are they and how do they work?


Astaxanthin is all about our favourite little workers ‘anti-oxidants’ and this one is THOUSANDS of times more effective than your regular old Vitamin C. There is no denying how powerful antioxidants can be for the body, particularly in helping us fight sickness. The way this works is that antioxidants improve our blood flow, flushing toxins from our system in a much more efficient manner than if our blood flow was to remain quite stagnant. Astaxanthin manipulates the way we produce skin cells and encourages new skin cell growth. From this, we can begin to see results like increased plumpness and firmness within the skin.

Marine Collagen

Marine Collagen is extremely beneficial as an anti-inflammatory which is particularly useful when talking in terms of skin! We often only avert our attention to caring for our skin when we see a massive breakout or notice our face is a bit swollen and requires some care. Because marine collagen is rich in glycine, it is able to assist in reversing the effects of any anti-fibrotic compounds present within the skin. Our product is clinically proven to enhance the ability of Marine Collagen Powder to regenerate skin and also create new tissue.

An Unbeatable Duo

As you can see, with benefits like these the combination of astaxanthin and marine collagen is an unbeatable duo. These two skincare super weapons are a more unbeatable combination than peanut butter and jelly. Because by utilising the active ingredients of both astaxanthin and marine collagen, they are able to work together in an effective formula that increases skin vitality optimally.

About Active Beauty

We find that our beauty collagen is most effective at producing greater visual and physical improvements than other alternatives! We hope that our product inspires health and happiness within your skincare routine and your life! Drink Up & transform you into your best self; ageless, active & beautiful with the help of Active Beauty™

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