An Evolution in Tightening Your Skin AND Body

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At Foundermade - Santa Monica , active beauty® shared the newest in its age defying, nutritional supplements to come. b.skintight, a multifunctional 9 in 1 superpowder, revitalizes, rejuvenates and tightens skin and body. Women today are on the go balancing work, life, beauty & fitness. active beauty® brings together multi-faceted and effective solutions to support youthful looking skin and body for women on the go.

b.skintight brightens and firms by replenishing the 9 essential skin nutrients, providing an optimal environment for epidermal skin proteins to form and maintain a strong barrier restoration. The result is a dramatically smoother and radiant appearance,” said Stephanie Bastow, an anti-aging specialist, and founder of active beauty®. As women continue to thrive in their careers and live an active lifestyle, they still care about their appearance. active beauty® continues to scientifically research & develop multifunctional supplements to support women on our youthful journey. Thanks to active beauty®, the need for multiple products is now a day in the past.

“It is an evolution in longevity, to refresh and revitalize skin & support the body for our busy lifestyles, all in 1”

Twice Unique

b.skintight is unique in its three different biophysical approaches to maintaining and rejuvenating youthful, vibrant skin:· Direct Epidermal Collagen Builder· Smoothes & Hydrates Skin· Firmer & Fitter Skin Barrier

Why settle for less

The modern consumer has different needs and expectations, which change the way she or he chooses products. Referring to a recent Euromonitor survey, rather than looking for a specific type of product, consumers are looking for cutting-edge technologies that provide particular functionalities. They recognize five categories of functionality in skin products: “rejuvenating, age defying, age reversing, correcting imperfections & beauty enhancing.”Responding to consumer demand to rejuvenate and revitalize skin, active beauty created b.skintight® by optimizing a unique and powerful combination of naturally sourced ingredients, including:· Microscopic Marine Algae-sourced Astaxanthin (Super Antioxidant Rich)· Wild Caught Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Peptides (High Level Collagen Production)· Silica From Bamboo Plant (Superior Skin Tissue Building)

Great Tasting Go-To

Organic strawberries & lemons are blended to create a thirst quenching pink lemonade, ideal for use in smoothies, ice cold beverages, a morning skin routine and during your fitness class. Skin fuel starting from the inside out is a super-trend all around the globe. With b.skintight, this super-trend is much more convenient and robust, covering all of your essential ‘Youth Boosting” nutrients to meet your ‘Skin and Body’ demands.

Proven Results on the Appearance of Wrinkles and Skin Texture

Statistically significant reductions in surface irregularity and the visibility of lines and wrinkles.A recent discovery boasts that the combination of Micro Algae, Minerals, and Marine Collagen revealed superior improvement over collagen on its own, by increasing the skin's barrier structure, increasing the skin's own hydration capability, and vastly improved cellular skin layers. tight – Not Just For Your Face

Improve the appearance of firmer, fitter skin, not only on the face, but also the neck, hands, arms & thighs. Designed to help mitigate the visible effects of chronological aging, it is targeted to build up our skin layers, smooth out and hydrate the skin, and bring a beautiful youthful glow. b.skintight is an “evolution in skin surface architecture” because it works within the skin layers targeting the dermis and the dermal-epidermal junction (DEJ).

UV Block

Essential trace minerals and electrolytes, along with UV block from micro algae help protect skin from the visible effects of blue light, pollution, and environmental stressors. The research reveals that b.skintight helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, resulting in skin that appears smooth and fresh based on subjects' perceptions of themselves.

Clean and Natural

b.skintight is created using cutting-edge nutrients optimally formulated for your skin. Clean and natural is so important, so these super nutrients are derived from environmentally friendly sources, ensuring positive results for beautiful you, and beautiful Earth.


When you combine the latest research with clean, natural and sustainable nutrients, AND SCIENCE, we truly can defy age. A leader in the high-end beauty market, b.skintight instantly and deeply penetrates each layer of the skin. Scientifically formulated to mimic the skin’s complexity for intense collagen boosting results, hydration, and super anti-oxidant protection. Sourced from natural & sustainable plant and marine sources, to lock in skin hydration and provide anti-oxidant & UV protection. The result is a one-stop skin solution that not only hydrates, but boasts new quality skin as effectively and deeply as Scientifically Skin possible.

The All in One solution for the active, beautiful woman.

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