4 Keys Supplements To Stay Active & Beautiful

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Don’t you just love when you have a consistent workout routine going? Your body feels, and looks, great. Your skin glows. People notice your vibrance and energy. You are ready take on the world and live life to the fullest every single day.

Elevate Your Fitness

There are 4 key supplements we swear by that will ensure your workout routine is optimized, so you look and feel great:


One of the greatest hurdles to keeping a consistent workout routine is getting sick. This has never been so prevalent than the last two years. Study after study has proven that antioxidants drastically boost immunity. If you are looking for a super potent antioxidant, we highly recommend Astaxanthin. It is 6,000 times more powerful than Vitamin C, and 80 times more effective than CoQ10. And of course, if you want the best (and you deserve it), go with micro algae sourced Astaxanthin. Keep the sick bugs away and the body active!


Your morning alarm goes off and time to workout, but you feel fatigued. If only your muscles and body screamed, “let’s do this” every single morning. Magnesium is a wonder mineral to fight fatigue and tiredness, so you are first on the bike, weights, treadmill or yoga mat! As well, it works wonders for controlling inflammation in your body. Definitely a must have mineral for the active woman!


Sweating is one of the best functions for improving your beautiful skin. However, your sweat contains many vital minerals when it leaves your body. It is absolutely essential to keep your electrolytes in balance for:

· Preventing dehydration

· Improved muscle function and performance

· Strengthen bone density

Clean electrolytes is the key, as opposed to the sugar filled sports drinks you see everywhere. Sweat, replenish, repeat!

Essential Amino Acids & Protein

Proteins are made up of chemical building blocks called amino acids. Your body thrives on these amino acids to build and repair muscles and bones (as well as your hair , hormones, enzymes and virtually every other body part or tissue)! These are absolutely vital for so many parts of your beautiful body!

We Simplify Wellness & Elevate Beauty

Of course, taking multiple supplements takes time, energy and can be costly. At Active Beauty, we have made it easy for the active and beautiful woman. With a total of 9 essential nutrients and minerals (including the 4 powerhouses above), b.SkinTight ensures your body and skin is primed every day. Pour one simple packet in your water or favorite drink and you are good to go!

More About B.SkinTight By Active Beauty®

Author: Stephanie BastowFounder, Active Beauty®Anti-Aging & Natural Medicine

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