Non-Gmo, hydrolyzed collagen peptides, sustainably sourced from wild marine fish. Marine Collagen’s key amino acids work at a cellular level to produce fibrin and elastin. Like cosmetic surgery during collagen scaffolding, this highly bioavailable form you can drink with pure marine collagen produces new healthy skin cells without the need for invasive treatments

Beauty Benefits
• Firmness, elasticity and radiance. Reduces wrinkles.
• Ageless skin, stronger hair & nails.
• Blended with active Vitamin C
• Guarantees Collagen Production required in the cellular process.
• Boosts Natural Hyaluronic Acid:
• Hydrate, moisturize, and plump skin reducing wrinkles and sagging.

Active Benefits
• Muscle recovery and retention:
• Speeds up the repair of connective tissues after intense workout.
• Reduce joint pain
• Less soreness, reduce injury to ligaments and tendons which constitute 75% collagen,
• Promotes bone strength
• Improves bone mineral density, reducing degradation of bone (primarily constitutes