Bamboo Extract

Bamboo Extract possesses the richest amount of Silica of any plant. Essential to your body, Silica is vital for the optimal synthesis of collagen and for activating hydroxylation enzymes.

Beauty Benefits:
• Powerfully supports Collagen Production
• Dramatically improve your skin strength and elasticity,
• Silica is a beauty enhancing mineral
• Promotes smooth, glowing skin,
• Hair growth, strength & shine
• Superior nail protection.
• Assists in preventing hair thinning
• Alleviates eczema and psoriasis symptoms

Active Benefits:
• Strengthens bones: Naturally boosts iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and boron
• Reducing concerns of Osteoporosis
• Improves joint flexibility and increases connective tissue
• Reduces risk of injury
• Reduces muscle soreness